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DeAnn RefugeWILD executive

Ready to get “RE-WILD” this season? For our 2024 women’s season we felt strongly that the Lord was asking us to help our women “re-wild” themselves. We are so pleased to invite you into a space that is going to bring you back into alignment with your wild.  

We believe that “wild” looks different on everyone. Each woman that comes into our refuge space is uniquely woven together by our God. You have a unique set of circumstances, a unique calling, unique problems, and a unique set of obstacles that can constrain you because of culture, fear, past failures, hope deferred, family of origin, favor, and so on. We believe that God wants to offer you a unique invitation this year… a way back to your wild. 

What if you could go to a place where you’re free to do whatever you want or don’t want to do. A place where you’re free to explore and adventure. A place where you will get to sit, sip, soak, and sleep in. A place that offers you an opportunity to connect with your creator, yourself, and others under the stars of the Big Sky. We are offering you that place. 

I hope you’ll be joining us this season. We are planning and preparing on your behalf. We are believing for God to do what He always does… surprise, heal, reveal, speak, play, deposit, encourage, deliver, and wild you. We can’t wait to join you in the process. 



We've Prepared A Place For You

What To Expect

If you were to take a week for yourself, away from all distraction and busyness, but for the purpose of a renewed heart, this is what it would look like...

How Can We Help

Sabbath. There, we said it. This is what we all need- and this is where the magic is. We have a pretty good idea of how to tap into the rest that God intends.

Booking & Hosting Trips

Sometimes you want to send your favorite pastor or leader, and sometimes you need it yourself. Contact us and let's talk about how Refuge can help you best.

Getting Healthy

You know what you need? More tips on how to get healthy! But, seriously, you should jump into a conversation in our blog, it's fun and good for the soul.

For Rest And Renewal

Deann and Brian RefugeWILD

Leadership Refreshment should not be a unique concept...

For over 15 years, DeAnn & Brian Carpenter have had the privilege of developing a vision for restoring leaders to their Kingdom positions.

Together with their 2 kids and amazing staff of over 40 like-hearted people, Refuge Foundation has turned into a powerhouse of relationships, healing, and life-giving restoration.

DeAnn is particularly excited about RefugeWILD, Women Intentionally Living Deep. Also, keep an eye out for her upcoming book "Throwing Confetti."

And For Healing,

Growth, & fun!

What a week! Five-Star meals, accommodations, staff, hunting and fishing guides. This was a week when I didn’t have to think for a minute about leading anyone. Time to pray, play and enjoy the rugged eastern Montana wilderness on the river and in the prairies. 

Chris Peppler Pastor

The guides are incredible and servants to the core! 

Kay Hiramine Advisor

Thanks guys! I have fond memories of my time at The Refuge and slaying monster fish... even at the entrance ramp! Can't wait to get back out!

Josh Plaisance Pastor